Perfect contact body shapes with slow motion tackling

Young players have poor body shapes in contact because they are not strong in the core and have not had a chance to hone their skills.

Perfect contact body shapes with slow motion tackling

You can accelerate the learning process by slowing down their contact techniques in training so they can feel the right body positions to get into.

In slow motion, a player will soon understand he cannot just rely on bodyweight and momentum to win a contact situation.

The best time to use slow motion contact skills is in 1v1 rucking. Two players walk towards a tackle situation, like a ball on the ground next to a ruck pad. They then have to drive over the ball.

To be effective they have to use a good body angle and leg drive and remain on their feet. Because the players are walking you can see whether they are using the right techniques and they can tell what is working and what is not.

Be disciplined in not allowing the players to speed up until they have achieved a good level of success.

The danger is that players naturally want to win the contest by using their momentum.

Guard against this and concentrate on getting the basics right consistently.

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