How to cover overlaps 2

Overlap cover

in Defence, Practice plans, Tackling

When your opponents have extra players in attack and create an overlap, it is crucial your team works hard to scramble back. Players must slide across in defence to cut down the attack’s space and tackle the ball carrier. This session outlines how to implement such an overlap cover. MORE

Shape up before you tackle

in Rugby drills, Tackling

By adopting the right body shape and footwork, defenders can close down ball carriers and make stronger impacts. This exercise will help your players adjust so they can produce effective tackles. MORE

X-factor tackle tips

in Rugby drills, Tackling

Think and act smart as you’re preparing to tackle and you’ll achieve results every time. Follow these simple practices on footwork and awareness to give your players the edge when defending. MORE

VIDEO: Learning to tackle with walking the line

in Rugby drills, Tackling

Tacklers need to feel confident that the right technique works. This is more difficult when they are practising with static targets. Part of the reason why a ball carrier goes to ground is that they are unbalanced, and so it's much easier to bring a moving player down to the ground. MORE

How to improve wrap up and attacker and increase chances of turnovers 3

Wrap up and turnover

in Defence, Practice plans, Tackling

Wrapping up the ball carrier in a smother tackle stops them passing or presenting the ball on their terms. It also slows the attack down, letting your defence get organised. There is the added opportunity to regain the ball if the tackler can pull the player down and turn them to your side. MORE

Learning from the tackling journey

in Girls/Womens, Tackling

Improve your tacklers by understanding how the best defenders grew as players. I spoke to one player whose technical expertise stands out amongst her peers. Pic from Omega Photography Sophie Ellis, a 17-year-old student in North Wales, has been playing rugby for the last four years. She’s one of the standout tacklers in her regional... MORE

How to work together to improve tackling 3

Win-win tackles

in Practice plans, Tackling

Tackling in pairs can be more difficult than a single tackle because it requires communication and co-ordination. I find the best way to perfect this out is to play win-win tackle games. Groups of tacklers soon work out how to make the best tackle, with both players benefiting from the other’s intervention. MORE

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