How to set up your own tackle club

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Tackle club is actually lots of little clubs within one team. Each tackle club allows you to work with players who need similar sorts of attention. Improve tackling in small stages by using the concept of different clubs to suit the needs of your players. As the season progresses, you might move players around the clubs, but don’t let a club become too big. MORE

Twist and shake

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Develop your tacklers‘ ability to twist the ball carrier and win back the ball. Then, work on playing the turnover ball away. A twist tackle can expose the ball carrier to other defenders, increasing the chances of a turnover. MORE

Slide tackling

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Practise side-on tackles in more game-related situations. In this session, the players slide across to tackle. It puts defenders under pressure work together to cover attacks that move the ball wide. Most ball carriers want to avoid the tackler, hence side-on tackles are more common that front-on tackles. MORE

Four low-impact tackling ideas for return to play

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With the contact rugby not far away, you will be planning some form of tackling practice to fit into your training sessions. In these unusual times, you might find yourself almost reteaching tackling for some players. Even for more experienced players, they will need time to rediscover the safe, efficient and effective techniques and skills.... MORE

Quick reaction tackling

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If the tackler can get in front of the ball carrier just before the tackle, it’s easier to make shoulder contact. Young players in particular will benefit from this skill. This session develops simple defensive tracking skills so the defender gets in front of the attacker to make a two-handed touch. If they can do this, they should be in a good position to make a full tackle. MORE

Tackle recover

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Work on what the tackler and tackled player do immediately after the tackle. Quick thinking players can create turnovers or prevent turnovers by their actions. This simple exercise can be built up over the season and aid basic tackle and post tackle skills. MORE

Up and tackle

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Work on side-on tackles where the defenders are scrambling across to cover the attack. They will need to keep square so they don’t get sidestepped, and keep in the line with their team mates. Moving from a prone position means initially they will be disrupted and will have to find their positioning quickly. MORE

Turn and tackle

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Develop better footwork skills to get close to the ball carrier, plus good teamwork in this defensive reaction activity. This session builds a better defence by getting pairs of players to work together. MORE

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