Tackle, change feet

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Develop good footwork in the last few steps before the tackle. First, to power into a tackle situation, and then to adjust as the tackle target moves either to the left or the right. This activity uses low-impact outcomes with tackle tubes to focus on the technical aspects of the skill. MORE

VIDEO: Tackle, recover

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Use this tackle tube activity to focus on good technique under pressure, with lots of strong repetitions and enough distractions to keep the players fully aware of their team mates in the defensive line. This is low-impact exercise is ideal to develop the technical aspects of the skill. MORE

How to improve tackling 2

My man: Never shirk a tackle

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Defensive systems are not an excuse for individuals to miss tackles. This session puts defenders in a line and then isolates one of them in order to make a tackle in their channel. This has to be run with full contact to make sure players match up correctly. MORE

How to approach tackles as the second man 2

Key man: Second into the tackle

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Work on the role of the second player at the tackle. He can either help make the tackle or attempt to go for the ball. It will depend on the relative strengths of the ball carrier, the first tackler and the angle that the second tackler arrives from. MORE

How to improve tackling 3

Torpedo drive for side-on tackles

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An interception tackle is like firing a torpedo to intercept a ship. The player tracks across and towards the target. He keeps his momentum going, so when he makes impact the ball carrier is knocked sideways and cannot use an effective hand off. MORE

Tackle low, score high

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The low tackle is the best way to neutralise mismatches in size and power. It relies on a tackler closing down space to restrict the attacker’s speed and momentum – use this scoring game to get it right. MORE

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