Last Tackle

This game is an excellent “game understanding” exercise. It requires the awareness to read a situation and make the right decision, whether that’s choosing to run the ball or implement a suitable kicking strategy.

What you need for this game

  • 20 Players
  • 1 Ball
  • 10 Cones


Use cones to mark out a playing area measuring 60m x 40m. Use more cones to mark lines at 15m, 30m and 45m. Both ends are try lines, as shown.


This game should be played to regular two-handed touch rugby rules.

What you do as coach

Divide your players into two teams of 10. Nominate a team to begin as attackers and give them the ball.

On your whistle, the attackers start the game by taking a tap from halfway.

After four tackles, the attackers must concede possession to the opposition, so they have to decide whether to run the ball to attempt to score, or to kick and chase the ball to attempt to score.

If a kick is made from inside the attacker’s own 15m area and bounces into touch inside the opposition’s 15m area, the attackers retain possession.

Tries that are run in score 2 points, while a try from a kick scores 1 point.

You can spice up the game by awarding points for tries from different kicks, such as: a bomb = 2 points, a grubber = 5 points, a chip = 3 points, etc.

Last Tackle-1

  • Two teams of 10.
  • Start with a tap from halfway.
  • Drop to floor when tackled.
  • Hand over the ball after four tackles.
  • Decide whether to kick or run.

Outline: Let the players know that you want to see them selecting the right kicking options at the appropriate times and executing them effectively.

Explain: After the third tackle, the attackers must decide whether to kick downfield, or run the ball and utilise any numerical advantage they might have.

Note: This game should develop game sense and awareness skills, particularly in communication and decision-making. Who responds well?


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