Introducing the tackle to young players

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Get young players to work on winning the ball before learning how to tackle. Teaching technique, falling and ball presentation before contact breeds confidence.

Why use it

Teach novice players how to fall when making and taking tackles, how to present the ball and how to win it back. Make the ball the focus rather than the impact.

How to do it

The attacker (A) places the ball back towards his side, and the tackler (T) gets onto his feet to claim it. PICTURE 1: A presents the ball, T reaches over and claims it. This explains the Laws regarding release of the ball when tackled and also demonstrates that “the man on his feet is king”.

Introducing the tackle

PICTURE 2: A and T lie down. T gets up from where he may be after making a tackle in order to win the ball. You can now introduce the falling aspects of the tackle.

PICTURE 3: A presents on the ground. T parachute rolls to ground beside A then wins the ball.

PICTURE 4: Both players perform a parachute roll to ground, T wins the ball.


  • Tackler must play the ball on his feet
  • Attacker must present the ball at arm’s length
  • Correct fall at all times.
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