Get your players on their feet in seconds

From Rugby Coach Weekly

Increase the number of turnovers your players make by using a surf boarder’s “pop up” to get them back to their feet as quickly as possible.

Why use it

This develops a player’s ability to get back to his feet quickly after a tackle and target the ball. It also improves tackle laws knowledge to limit the number of penalties given away.

Set up

A 3m wide x 5m long channel with an additional cone 5m away from one corner.

Get your players on their feet in seconds

How to do it?

Start with a ball carrier on the middle cone and a defender on the middle cone at the opposite end of the channel. An attacking support player starts on a cone 5m away from the channel.

The ball carrier starts running (or jogging depending on the intensity) and tries to beat the defender to score at the end of the channel (see picture 1). The support player starts running simultaneously and has to run round the middle cone before entering the channel.

The defender moves forward and makes the tackle. He then has to get back to his feet and get his hands on the ball before the support player arrives and touches him (see picture 2).


  • Tackler makes a low tackle (see picture 3, 1) and knocks the ball carrier to ground quickly (picture 3, 2).
  • Tackler gets back to his feet in a strong low position as quickly as possible (pictures 3, 3 and 3, 4).
  • Tackler gets hands on the ball before support arrives (picture 3, 5).

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