Confident tackling

Get players used to making a low tackle against an attacker running at pace.

Confident tackling

1. Have a defender on one knee on the halfway line in the middle of the area, and an attacker on the sideline facing him.

2. The aim is for the defender to make five tackles on one side, in this case the right. He holds out his arm to show which side the attacker runs.

3. When you say “go”, the attacker walks towards the defender’s outstretched arm – his aim is to break through the tackle and continue to the far side of the area to score.

4. Once the attacker reaches the defender’s right arm, the defender brings his left arm across to make the tackle. He grabs the attacker as tightly as possible, creating a “ring of steel” with his arms to stop the runner in his tracks.

5. No hand–o’s or sidesteps allowed. Once both players have tackled on their right, change to the left.

This activity is from EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities U9 & U10, for more like this get your copy here.