Tackling drills are the single most important part of your training; it’s vital that you prepare your players to tackle safely. These tackling drills are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective ways to introduce and develop tackling skills.

Tackling from the hip

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The best tacklers read the movements of the ball carrier and anticipate where they are going. This session improves anticipation skills by focusing on the core of the ball carrier. MORE

Basics: The low chop tackle

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The low chop tackle brings the ball carrier down quickly. It then offers the opportunity to turn the ball over. This type of tackle isolates the ball carrier from his support and also stops or delay offloads. Learn the basics of a chop tackle by ensuring the players use it as a side-on tackle. MORE

How to tackle effectively by focusing on the core 3

Always score – tackle the core

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Better tacklers anticipate where a ball carrier is going. You can improve anticipation skills by using this session to help focus on the core of the ball carrier. The hips don’t dummy, so if the tackler can keep his eyes on this area, he should make more tackles. MORE

Finishing the tackle

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A tackle is completed when the tackler has done everything in his power to prevent the tackled player releasing the ball to his team’s advantage. Work on what happens next. MORE

T for tackling session

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Use this full session to build up the right footwork to make strong tackles, both on an individual basis and in a team context. Warm up with some footwork and gentle contact, then start to increase the intensity. MORE

Target ball tackling

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A target-ball tackle prevents offloads, but needs to avoid slipping into a high tackle. Use this session to improve techniques and keep tackling safe. Targeting the ball is best used when there are players around the defender in case there’s a miss hit. MORE

How to drift the defence at scrums 2

Drift defence at scrums

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With a 5m ruling at scrums, teams tend to use drift defence. However, they need to practise not only the mechanics of the drift but also ways to cover the gap inside the 10, who has to catch up with his openside flanker. MORE

Defence boxers

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Use boxing style footwork and arm movements to improve your players’ tackling. They should be end up in better positions to complete tackles. MORE

Tacklers into jacklers

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Help players practise the risk and reward elements of attempting to turnover the ball in the tackle area. It starts with good tackling and then decisions on whether to compete for the ball. If the ball carrier is momentarily isolated, support players need to react quickly to secure the ball. MORE

Sock it to them in tackling

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Improve tackling by teaching players to make more shoulder contacts. Rolled up socks reduce the players’ inclination to grab in the tackle. Impact with the shoulder helps players make a stronger contact, but also be in safe position to complete the tackle. Rolled up socks are easier for players of all sizes. Rolled up bibs work equally well. MORE

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