Tackling drills are the single most important part of your training; it’s vital that you prepare your players to tackle safely. These tackling drills are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective ways to introduce and develop tackling skills.

Learning from the tackling journey

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Improve your tacklers by understanding how the best defenders grew as players. I spoke to one player whose technical expertise stands out amongst her peers. Pic from Omega Photography Sophie Ellis, a 17-year-old student in North Wales, has been playing rugby for the last four years. She’s one of the standout tacklers in her regional... MORE

How to work together to improve tackling 3

Win-win tackles

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Tackling in pairs can be more difficult than a single tackle because it requires communication and co-ordination. I find the best way to perfect this out is to play win-win tackle games. Groups of tacklers soon work out how to make the best tackle, with both players benefiting from the other’s intervention. MORE

Bounce-back tackling

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A defender’s work isn’t done once he has made a tackle – he must get back to his feet and in place ready to make the next one. This challenging session is one Shaun Edwards would approve of! MORE

How to coach tackle technique and timing 3

Sitting ducks

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Some tackles are tougher than others but players must not miss the “sitting duck” tackles, where a ball carrier is stationary or running sideways. Without much forward momentum, your players can gain an advantage and complete an effective tackle with a chance for a turnover. This session gives weaker tacklers some confidence. MORE

Your three-week tackle tonic

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You’re deep into the season and your team’s tackling is looking ragged. How do you reinvigorate the players? It’s time to initiate a programme of exercises to bring your defence back up to speed… MORE

How to become more competitive at tackling 2

Winning the tackle contest

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Once a tackle is made, the tackled player has to place the ball on the ground if he cannot offload it. This is a crucial moment in which the ball can be won or lost. Make your players know how to compete for the ball legally after the tackle. MORE

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