Tackling drills are the single most important part of your training; it’s vital that you prepare your players to tackle safely. These tackling drills are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective ways to introduce and develop tackling skills.

Four low-impact tackling ideas for return to play

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With the contact rugby not far away, you will be planning some form of tackling practice to fit into your training sessions. In these unusual times, you might find yourself almost reteaching tackling for some players. Even for more experienced players, they will need time to rediscover the safe, efficient and effective techniques and skills.... MORE

Quick reaction tackling

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If the tackler can get in front of the ball carrier just before the tackle, it’s easier to make shoulder contact. Young players in particular will benefit from this skill. This session develops simple defensive tracking skills so the defender gets in front of the attacker to make a two-handed touch. If they can do this, they should be in a good position to make a full tackle. MORE

Tackle recover

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Work on what the tackler and tackled player do immediately after the tackle. Quick thinking players can create turnovers or prevent turnovers by their actions. This simple exercise can be built up over the season and aid basic tackle and post tackle skills. MORE

Up and tackle

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Work on side-on tackles where the defenders are scrambling across to cover the attack. They will need to keep square so they don’t get sidestepped, and keep in the line with their team mates. Moving from a prone position means initially they will be disrupted and will have to find their positioning quickly. MORE

Turn and tackle

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Develop better footwork skills to get close to the ball carrier, plus good teamwork in this defensive reaction activity. This session builds a better defence by getting pairs of players to work together. MORE

The defence coach’s guide to tackling training

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Your approach to what you are looking for when you are coaching tackling will help you and your players focus on the right areas to improve their defensive capabilities. When I look at the tackle, I am predominantly outcome driven. If it works, then that is more important than if all the technical processes have been ticked off. MORE

Scaffolding approach to tackling

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Inspired by the work of Nick Hart, a headteacher and author of the blog,Thisismyclassroom, here is a “scaffolding” approach to teaching tackling. Scaffolding is where you build support around a task as it is introduced and built up. You then take away the scaffolding as the player becomes confident and competent. It was first coined... MORE

VIDEO: Tackle and recover

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Use this low impact tackling exercise to work on both the ball carrier's ball placement after the tackle, tackler technique and recovering. The emphasis is on completing the tackle, with the tackler's "speed to feet" to then compete for the ball. MORE

How to anticipate the ball carriers movement through focus of their core 3

It’s hip to be square-on

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The best tacklers read the movements of the ball carrier and anticipate where they are going. This session improves anticipation skills by focusing on the core of the ball carrier. The hips don’t dummy, so if the tackler can keep his eyes on this area, he should make more tackles. MORE

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