Tackling drills are the single most important part of your training; it’s vital that you prepare your players to tackle safely. These tackling drills are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective ways to introduce and develop tackling skills.

How to side on tackle 2

Side impact

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Even the top teams recognise that they don’t practise side on tackling enough. In this session you can also challenge the players to think of their finishing position first and then work backwards to see why the side on tackle is so effective in winning turnover ball. MORE

Perfecting ball tackling within rules 3

Tackle ball

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The tackler can play an important role in winning turnover ball, but only if he can get to his feet quickly after making the tackle. This sessions uses simple exercises to improve the reaction times of your tacklers. It will help them to get up and get back into the game, to “complete the tackle” and compete for the ball. MORE

Tackle and recover

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Complete the tackle by getting back into position to challenge for the ball, but under pressure. Know the tackle rights but also what the referee looks for. The tackler can’t enter the tackle contest from any angle. They must come through the “gate”, just any other player. They can also easily be penalised if they goes... MORE

Bounce out tacklers

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Help the second defender at the tackle situation choose whether to make a difference at the tackle or leave it alone to be ready for the next tackle. Defenders need to trust their team mates to make a tackle. They should only step in if they feel the tackler is beaten or they can create... MORE

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