Tackling drills are the single most important part of your training; it’s vital that you prepare your players to tackle safely. These tackling drills are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective ways to introduce and develop tackling skills.

Tackle session builder

in Rugby drills, Tackling, U12+

Session builders take you from one player to a unit to work on their skills piece by piece. The second in our series looks at the defender in the defensive system. By Dan Cottrell ONE PLAYER Warm up the shoulders, core and develop quick reactions. A player starts lying on their front holding a ruck... MORE

Refreshing tackle games

Refreshing tackle games

in Tackling

We’ve all felt like this before. You leave tackling out of a session for just one week and it’s as if players have never done it before. Here are four simple ways to get them back on track. MORE

Front-on tackle tracking

U9 Front-on tackle tracking

in Tackling

Get your players used to getting in front of the ball carrier to make a strong front-on tackle.   1. Mark out a 3m square area. Put an attacker on one side of the area and a defender on the opposite side. Give the attacker a ball. 2.When you say “go”, the attacker moves from... MORE

Gang up-1

Gang up

in Small-sided games, Tackling

A one-on-one tackle should be regarded as a failure in a good defensive system. This game works on good communication between defenders to ensure that the ball carrier meets two tacklers when he tries to break the line. MORE

Intense defence-1

Intense defence

in Small-sided games, Tackling

Defending is more tiring than attacking. It is physically and mentally draining. Yet players need to keep their standards high and quality good in the tackle. This is a great game to knock out the cobwebs. MORE

Goal line stoppers-1

Goal line stoppers

in Small-sided games, Tackling

A skill rarely practised is stopping a try on the goal line (or indeed scoring from there). Each player will have their own methods and this game gives them a chance to try those out. MORE



in Small-sided games, Tackling

A disorganised defence will need to make more side on tackles. This game creates more opportunities for side on tackles, though it does not mean that all the tackles will have to be side on. MORE

Cover tackle chaos-1

Cover tackle chaos

in Fun rugby games, Tackling

We spend a lot of time coaching players to avoid contact when ball carrying but there are times when an attacker has to run at an opponent, so prepare defenders for their 1v1 battles. MORE

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