Tackling memory jogger

Have your players forgotten how to tackle after their summer break? Revisit the key points in making an effective leg tackle with this activity that goes from warm-up to full contact.

Break down the tackle into its key points. Work on shoulder impact, grip, and then footwork with this low impact but busy session.

  1. Put a defender on his knees (or one knee) with a ball carrier standing either side of him.
  2. Have the defender make one tackle on one ball carrier then another straight after.
  3. He makes 5 tackles on each shoulder.
  4. Focus on the shoulder just above the knee, wrapping arms around the legs and head to the side.
  5. You can have lots of groups of three working at the same time.

  1. Develop by having a defender come through a gate of cones from 2m away.
  2. The attacker then jogs forward and is allowed one step either side of the defender.

  1. The defender reacts and makes a tackle. Keep swapping sides and rotating roles.


Static tackles

Shoulder just above the knee, head to the side, wrapping the arms around (bands of steel) and driving the legs to get the ball carrier to the ground.

Moving tackle

Shut down the space quickly, be on the toes, get feet close to the tackle (foot in the imaginary hoop), arms ready and eyes open into the contact.

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