Step to the edge

The receiver often takes a pass just before being tackled. If he can get to the edge of the defender, he might break through or offload the ball in contact. Work on that valuable skill with this session.

It gets receivers taking the ball forward and stepping to the edges of the contact.

  1. A feeder passes to a receiver who’s running around from the corner of the box and then going forward.
  2. At the same time, a ruck-pad holder runs from the opposite corner and sets himself between the two cones at the far end.
  3. The receiver takes the pass and has to step past the pad holder.
  4. He aims to avoid contact whilst staying between the two cones.
  5. The pad holder cannot move off the line or push his pad out.

  1. Next, widen the two gates and add another ruck-pad holder.
  2. The receiver can go outside or through the ruck pads.

  1. Finally, remove the ruck pads.
  2. Now the receiver has to beat a full-on tackler who can come forward, but the receiver does have a support player following him round.
  3. He can only offload the ball, not pass.


  • Get square quickly before moving left or right.
  • Keep the ball away from the contact.
  • Short steps and keep moving forward when trying to get to the edge of the pad or tackler
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