Social distancing 2 v 1s skills zone

Use this skills zone to explore 2 v 1s without contact. It is a bit slower than normal 2 v 1, allowing the players to think about deception.

  1. Set up a grid that looks like a distorted T, with different colours in the central columns for the no go areas. These are to aid social distancing and to ensure players are 2m apart.
  2. Put two attackers in each column and one defender in the middle zone.

  1. The aim is for the attackers to work together to score a try at the top of their column. They can pass or dummy.
  2. The defender has one move and the attackers can move the ball once.

  1. If a defender moves into the column where the ball is the try doesn’t count.
  2. Add different scores in for different ways of moving the ball/showing creativity


  • Use footwork and dummies to deceive defender.
  • The defender should focus on body movements.


My inspiration for this was how could I take the concept and effectiveness of a basic 2v1 skill zone and apply it to a socially distanced training session.

The skill zone has produced other benefits: it has allowed players to focus the notion of deception more than they would in a standard 2v1. It has also been a calmer area of training which I felt has been needed both mentally and physically for the players post-lockdown.

The flexible nature of the skill zone means you can adjust if the players need more of a challenge, with different scoring requirements.

I have had different scores for creativity (showing me something new, even if it didn’t work) or points for different types of passes and kicks

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