Si Nainby’s Deep Dive with William Wayland

Si Nainby talks in depth to William Wayland.

William is a certified strength and conditioning coach and owner of Powering Through Performance Gym in Chelmsford, Essex

He works with a wide variety of sports and athletes including rugby, motorsports and the PGA European Tour. His background is in applied sports science.

In this episode we discuss:

  • William’s approach to S&C with his local amateur Rugby team, Chelmsford RFC.
  • How he assesses and programs the S&C for the team using the Dynamic Strength Index.
  • What a typical week of sessions looks like for one of his players.
  • How the Triphasic Approach has helped improve movement competence and strength levels with the team.
  • Working around injuries & micro trauma with contact athletes to show players how they can always train and improve.
  • The importance of neck training for rugby players in improving contact skills & reducing concussion risk.
  • Lessons from training MMA fighters that help when coaching rugby players.
  • How he uses the philosophy of the Pragmatic Approach in his coaching to direct his decision making and assess theory and practice.
  • A case study of the Pragmatic Approach in action to coach superbike rider Danny Buchan.
  • How the OODA loop can assist coaches and athletes to adapt and overcome less than ideal circumstances such as lockdown.

William’s Linktree –

William’s Instagram –

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Mladen Jovanovic’s Strength Training Manual – The Agile Periodisation Approach –

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