Rugby drills to get your front row binding tight

Rugby coaching drill session to get tight binding in the front row

  • You must aim for the bind to be a quick and efficient process. Players have to be comfortable with the system of binding and work easily with each other.
  • The players must bind tight enough so that the hooker can strike, whilst being held in a secure position. So the props need to provide a stable platform for the hooker to support himself.
  • If the hooker is not comfortable, rethink the binding.
  • Make sure you don’t hold the players in an engagement for more than 10 seconds.

Binding on the hooker

  • The hooker stands with his hands above his head in this part of the rugby drill.
  • The first player (usually the left hand side or loose-head prop) puts his right hand on the left side of the hooker and then swings round into position.
  • The right hand or tight-head prop binds left hand to right hand on the side of the hooker.
  • You shout the start of the engagement sequence “Crouch, Touch, Pause” then break.  

Rugby drill session to get binding on the hooker

Engaging against another three

  • Start the drill with two front rows kneeling opposite each other.
  • Go through the binding sequence and engage.
  • Check the players’ bindings, then break.
  • Repeat the process at another point.

Building the process

  • After the engagement and still on their knees, the front rows should rock back and forwards gently.
  • Progress to practising this rugby drill with the players standing.

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