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VIDEO: Lineout footwork

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Use this warm-up exercise to get your jumpers and lifters quickly into position to perform in the lineout. Easy to setup, it can work with any number of players.   Put three to four different coloured cones spread out over 10m line. Have a jumper or lifter move to a cone colour called out and... MORE

Coach lineouts: Sessions

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Keep your lineout sessions active and purposeful. Avoid having players standing around too long. Start with our lineout session builder which shows you how to work with low numbers, and then if you have more players, build up towards a full team session. MORE

Coach lineouts: Technique

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They are lots of moving parts in a lineout and plenty of scope for error because the players are very reliant on each other to perform their roles accurately. First, the players need to understand the language of the lineout, which helps them appreciate why they are focusing on a particular aspect. MORE

How to improve body positions as forwards 3

Body shape for forward units

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Forwards need to get their basic body shapes right before they are ready to move on to more competitive unit work. This session can be used to prepare for unit work and as a whole session for forwards. You can also mix forwards and backs together because the skills are easily transferable (ruck positions for example). MORE

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