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Catch at every angle

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Even the best lineout throws will require some agility on the jumper’s part, as he must reach across to the middle line. So work on their ability to take the ball at all angles and still deliver it cleanly to the 9. MORE

4 v 4 lineouts for tempo

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Lineouts start with the players walking into the set piece. Your players need to get used to arriving, concealing their intentions and having the confidence to jump to meet the throw. MORE

How to develop an attacking lineout 3

Front peel

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Your team can make vital ground by attacking the gap at the front of the lineout. The catcher at the front passes the ball to the player peeling round from the middle of the lineout. It assumes there is no lift. It is an ideal play to use in the opposition half. MORE

VIDEO: Lineout footwork

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Use this warm-up exercise to get your jumpers and lifters quickly into position to perform in the lineout. Easy to setup, it can work with any number of players.   Put three to four different coloured cones spread out over 10m line. Have a jumper or lifter move to a cone colour called out and... MORE

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