Introducing the lineout: Crouch, stand and lift

Lifted lineouts require dynamic, synchronised movements. This introductory session starts your lifters on simple exercises and progresses them in a safe environment to improve their technique.

  1. Put a lifter on each side of an upright tackle tube.
  2. Each lifter crouches and places the palms (fingers up) firmly into their side of the tube about shoulder-width apart.
  3. On a signal, they lift the tube vertically.
  4. Arms should extend first, then they stand and move into the tube until their bodies are against it, arms straight above the head.
  5. After they’ve practised the technique, put a ball on top of the tube.
  6. If the ball falls, the lift needs to be smoother and more vertical.

  1. The ball acts as a target for a thrower to hit with another ball to develop timing for the lift and throw.

  1. Next, add a jumper.
  2. For safety reasons, the lifting pod should have four players around it – one to each side of the jumper, and one behind each lifter.
  3. They catch the jumper if he falls.


  • Lifters extend their arms from a crouched stance into standing. It’s like a powerlifter doing a “snatch” lift.
  • Lifters move right into the jumper’s body, with arms outstretched above them.
  • The jumper should mentally emulate a plank or ladder. Pull knees and feet together and stretch the legs.

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