France 7-man tail peel flash

Used by a rampant France against Italy, this tail peel utilised two decoy runners to get Rougerie into the 10 channel and over the gain line.

In this play, a dummy drive at the tail sucks in the defensive forwards, isolating the tailgunner. Dummy lines close to the tail by 6 and 11 keep the tailgunner close to the 15m line and a powerful bust by 15 straight through the isolated 10 generates quick ball for the 2nd phase.

France used this play towards the end of the game, having broken down Italy’s strong defence. They battered the 10, getting way over the gain line, and with the quick ball they created a 5v3 as the defence had no time to fold to the far side.

Superplays key

France 7-man tail peel flash-2

Make sure the two dummy peel runners don’t leave too early. Let the play develop and allow the 9 to get the pass in front of them.


France 7-man tail peel flash-3

13 must time and angle his run in between the 10 and the tailgunner. Practise receiving the ball flat on the gain line.


France 7-man tail peel flash-1

2 and 4’s dummy lines must be straight to help the defensive drift. Work on them stepping hard off the outside foot to straighten up.

How you coach this play

  1. Call a 7-man lineout with midfield backs flat, ready for their gain line carry. Win the ball at the tail and use the spare forwards to sell the dummy drive by attaching to the jumping pod.
  2. 3 should rip and roll out with his outside shoulder, feeding the 9 in motion. 6 runs a wide arc, allowing the 9 to cross in front of him, 11 runs a hidden line, appearing late before firing a wide pass to 13, coming back against the grain.
  3. Good cleaning and ball presentation creates the quick ball, 2 and 4 run tight lines to the ruck, holding the defence and creating the 5v3.

How to progress this play

If the tailgunner starts to move out to defend the 13, hit the 11 with a shorter pass on the inside of the defender.

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