Coach lineouts: Sessions

Here we look at how to set up an effective training session to develop lineout techniques and skills and then put them into game contexts.

You might have all of your forwards at training, or just some of them. We show you how to maximise your precious time with the players.

Key to this is keeping your lineout sessions active and purposeful. Avoid having players standing around too long.

Working with low numbers

Start with our lineout session builder which shows you how to work with low numbers, and then if you have more players, build up towards a full team session.

Top tips

Our top tips outline the different styles of coaching a lineout you can use, including ways to work under different types of pressure, so you can mix, techniques, skills and tactics.

Throwing and jumping

We then have a mini-session aimed at hookers and a full session which works on throwing and jumping together. This doesn’t include lifting, force the non-throwers to improve their bound, timing and height when leap to catch the ball.

Competing for the ball

The last two sessions in this section focus on competition. This is when you put the players’ skills under pressure. The more game-like your sessions, the more likely the players will be able to transfer their skills.

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