Catch at every angle

Even the best lineout throws will require some agility on the jumper’s part, as he must reach across to the middle line. So work on their ability to take the ball at all angles and still deliver it cleanly to the 9.

The lineout jumper must be able to change his body angles to catch all sorts of throws. Then, he must pass to his scrum-half accurately.

  1. Put a player kneeling on a tackle tube.
  2. Throw a tennis ball to him so he has to lean left or right to catch it.
  3. Then repeat with a rugby ball – he needs to retain a strong core as he leans over to catch it.

  1. Repeat both, but with the player now sitting on the tube.
  2. Throw the ball so he has to lean back to reach it (as if taking a lineout throw lobbed over the opposition).
  3. Vary the sitting and kneeling positions.

  1. Next, work on the delivery to the 9.
  2. Have the jumper sat on the tube. Stand 5m away, with a receiver 2m to the side of the catcher.
  3. Throw the ball to the catcher, who has to catch it and pass it down below the knees of the receiver (to closer replicate the angle he’d throw in a lineout).
  4. Immediately, throw the next ball in for the catcher to repeat.
  5. Then throw another – the exercise should be performed at a rapid pace.


  • Watch the ball through the hands to keep the hands and eyes in sync.
  • Twist and lean around the body core (the stomach area).
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