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It is sometimes said that good scrummaging players are born, not made. Although some rugby players are the “right shape” to play in the scrum, the truth is you never stop learning. And with at least 11 factors affecting every one of your lineouts, it’s important you keep working with your forwards to perfect this vital set piece too. Below you’ll find our complete collection of scrum and lineout drills to develop an expert set piece team.

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Scrumming together

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This simple session develops players’ core strength and scrummaging position by making them control their body shape as they move. Scrummagers work together, so it makes it a co-operative session and not a competitive one. Good for all scrummaging positions. MORE

How to improve binding in scrums 2

Bindingly good at those scrums

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This session helps your players build a “good binding relationship” for the scrum. It can work with all the players. The principles increase the understanding of the types of binding used. The game situation will challenge all the players because it makes them all have a go in the scrum, though in a safe, non-contested environment. MORE

Floor the jumper

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Stop the maul at the lineout before it starts by focusing on the role of the defending player who is facing the opposition jumper. By Ian Diddams MORE

Great lineout sessions – even when you are missing...

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It would be great if all your forwards were at every session. But, because it rarely happens, you need to have set-piece activities that allow you to maximise your time together. We have a vast array of activities that can help you achieve, and it starts with our lineout session builder. Also highlighted below are ways to develop timing and techniques to ensure you win that set piece every time. MORE

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