Scrums & Lineouts

It is sometimes said that good scrummaging players are born, not made. Although some rugby players are the “right shape” to play in the scrum, the truth is you never stop learning. And with at least 11 factors affecting every one of your lineouts, it’s important you keep working with your forwards to perfect this vital set piece too. Below you’ll find our complete collection of scrum and lineout drills to develop an expert set piece team.

Shifting the drive

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A good shift drive doesn’t happen by accident. Build it with this session, in which players have to execute the lift and jump under pressure, and shift the point of the contact before the drive is set up. MORE

Hinge to the trigger

in Rugby drills, Scrums & Lineouts

This is a great high-energy drill to use before moving on to lineout plays later in your unit session. It’s a competitive activity to develop lifters’ reaction times and technique, both in attack and defence. MORE

Catch at every angle

in Rugby drills, Scrums & Lineouts

Even the best lineout throws will require some agility on the jumper’s part, as he must reach across to the middle line. So work on their ability to take the ball at all angles and still deliver it cleanly to the 9. MORE

4 v 4 lineouts for tempo

in Scrums & Lineouts

Lineouts start with the players walking into the set piece. Your players need to get used to arriving, concealing their intentions and having the confidence to jump to meet the throw. MORE

How to develop an attacking lineout 3

Front peel

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Your team can make vital ground by attacking the gap at the front of the lineout. The catcher at the front passes the ball to the player peeling round from the middle of the lineout. It assumes there is no lift. It is an ideal play to use in the opposition half. MORE

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