Scrums & Lineouts

It is sometimes said that good scrummaging players are born, not made. Although some rugby players are the “right shape” to play in the scrum, the truth is you never stop learning. And with at least 11 factors affecting every one of your lineouts, it’s important you keep working with your forwards to perfect this vital set piece too. Below you’ll find our complete collection of scrum and lineout drills to develop an expert set piece team.

Best 8-Man Scrum Move

The best 8-man scrum move ever!

Attack the left-hand side of the pitch with this scrum move. It can be used to release a good running 7 and create try-scoring opportunities. Why use it Teams rarely go left with a back row move because they are running into the opposition 9. However, use this shielding play with the 7 attacking the […]

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Coaching binding basics

It is essential that all your players are taught the basics of scrummaging properly from a young age. Use rugby training drills and games to ensure they develop safe and effective techniques to use throughout their playing career.

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