Scrums & Lineouts

It is sometimes said that good scrummaging players are born, not made. Although some rugby players are the “right shape” to play in the scrum, the truth is you never stop learning. And with at least 11 factors affecting every one of your lineouts, it’s important you keep working with your forwards to perfect this vital set piece too. Below you’ll find our complete collection of scrum and lineout drills to develop an expert set piece team.

Up-to-date lineout training

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While most aspects of rugby coaching are becoming more game-led, unit sessions for forwards are still drill-based. Change that perception and make it about fun and movement. By Dan Hemingway, director of rugby, Lichfield RFC  Most modern rugby coaches use games as the basis of training, yet this hasn’t filtered down into a lot of... MORE

Rock solid catch and drive

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Put your players into more realistic scenarios so they can test their skills in the same circumstances as they would in the game. It’s also a good test for the defenders too. It creates great go forward and the two players on either side of the catcher prevent the ball from being grabbed by the opposition. MORE

How to go forward from the lineout 2

Go forward from the lineout

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The session looks at running and support lines from the back of the lineout. There is a run up of around 10-15m for the ball carrier before he meets the lineout defence and support players arriving from the side. Both attack and defence need to consider how to cover this space effectively to create or prevent breaks and quick ball. MORE

How to execute lineouts quickly 2

Lineouts: Set and lift quick

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A quick launch of the jumper into the air at the lineout is a distinct advantage. If it is done without much movement or giving away when the throw will be, so much the better. This session challenges the jumping pod to set and lift quickly and efficiently under pressure. MORE

Lineout phases

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This session connects a lineout with what happens in the phase after the lineout. Players will have to make the transition and know their roles plus make decisions at the lineout. It acknowledges that not every lineout will be perfect. MORE

Attack with front ball

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Use the catch and drive, or the front peel to make the best use of front ball. The front peel is the perfect counter punch to a defence that sets up to defend a catch and drive. MORE

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