Rugby drill for a nutmeg at rucks

Why the move works

The scrum half runs out and away from the ruck, taking the close ruck defence with him. He pops or flicks the ball back to a forward who has arrived from the blindside and should be unmarked.

This should, at least, allow the forward to get over the gain line and restart the “go forward” for the attack. The defence will also have to get back onside.

This is a good move if you have:

  • A quick-witted scrum-half who likes to run off the sides of rucks.
  • A quick forward who can burst through tackles, but also time his runs well.

What players should do

  • The scrum-half checks to see he has a forward in place. He then picks up the ball from the back of the ruck and runs out towards the second or third defender on the side of the ruck.
  • Just before contact, he turns the ball back inside to the forward (number 7 in the picture) who has made a run from the far side of the ruck.
  • The forward stands on the far side of the ruck, or just behind it. When the scrum half moves out with the ball, he runs around to take a pass before forming a new ruck.
  • The scrum half then clears the ball away or sets up the next move.

Rugby move to use with a quick thinking scrum half

Common mistakes

  • The scrum-half runs too close to the edge of the ruck.
  • The scrum-half passes badly. Though he needs to disguise the pass, he also needs to make sure the receiver gets a good pass because the receiver is about to take contact.

Think about

  • The scrum half flicking the ball out of the back of his hand.
  • Another forward running from the openside to either support or take a pass before the second ruck forms.

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