Pick and go basics

Add effective pick and go plays to your tactics. Give your players the skills and decision making to use this ploy accurately.

Why use it

This activity takes your players through those first initial steps but also allows you to build on its basic premise more complex and competitive areas.

Set up

A 10m square divided into 4, 6 ruck pads, 1 ball, coned gates numbered 1-3.


Pick and go basics

How to do it

3 defenders with pads stand in opposite diagonal quarters. 4 attackers start from a different quarter. You call which number gate to run through (see picture 1).

Defenders choose to put 1 or 2 players in at the gate. If 1 is in, the ball carrier hits the ruck pad and goes to ground, 1 player clears out and the third picks and goes with a fourth in support.

If 2 are in, the ball carrier hits and goes to ground, 2 players clear out and the fourth player picks and goes.

The attackers then enter the next quarter and you call another gate for them to enter (see picture 2). Repeat 4 times then swap round.

Develop by placing another defender in the “boot” position (5m behind the defender in
the gate – see page 3).

This allows the pick and go player a chance to practise scanning skills under pressure (see picture 3).




• Pick and go player to scan defence before gathering ball.

• Pick and go player to beat defence with footwork.


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