Rucking & Mauling

Ruck races

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A lot of rugby is a race – who’s first to the ball. In this activity, it’s who’s first to the ruck and then who’s first to be in a strong position to win or retain the ball. MORE

Maul it 3

Maul it

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Mauls can be great attacking weapons. But they must be fast and dynamic, driving the opposition backwards, to provide quick clean go forward possession. The maul is simple to set up, but takes lots of live practice to perfect. “Maul it” shows you how to start the process. MORE

Rumbling force 2

Rumbling force

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Build the maul from good individual body positions into a collective force rumbling forward. Each player needs to understand their roles in the maul and this session gives the players different situations to work on their mauling. This session follows on from Session 149 “Maul it”. MORE

VIDEO: Ruck retiring

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Not all rucks form when a team is going forward. Sometimes, you have to regroup to win the next ruck which is behind the play. This activity recreates these scenarios by first ensuring that the players reload for the next ruck quickly and effectively. This is an ideal warm-up activity for all the players.  ... MORE

How to engage in a mini maul 2

Twist and maul

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Use this technique to create dynamic mini mauls. The ball carrier attacks a defender, turns just before the contact, and moves the ball to a support player. If he can, the support player must twist away, or he can drive the ball carrier forward in a mini maul. MORE

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