Rucking & Mauling

Coaching to smack and grab 1

Smack and grab

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This is a high-intensity, physical session that works on ruck and tackle contest techniques. It is ideal as a part of a pre-season programme once you have established your rucking policies. It encourages players to work hard in support and when they are fatigued. Poor technique will be easily recognised. MORE

How to contact rescue 1

Contact rescue

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Make sure you retain the ball if the ball carrier is isolated. The ball carrier has to be strong and active so he does not go to ground easily. His supporting players need to get into position quickly and use a range of clear out skills to protect and potentially rescue the ball. MORE

How to improve mauling 2

My maul

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Mauling could be a very powerful weapon for you this season and you don’t have to be a big side to use it. Here’s a simple tactic – set up a maul from the back of rucks to give your side go forward and tie in their defenders. It is easier than you might think to execute. MORE

Planning four week “bites”: rucking

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If you are designing your plan for your team's training, you are better off focusing on an “arc” of learning for a specific area. This means spreading out the training over a number of weeks, rather than dedicating one session to this. MORE

Better ball placement for quicker rucks

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Present the ball more effectively in the tackle and your supporting players will have an easier task to help to retain possession. It will also give your 9 cleaner ball to pass away from the base of the ruck. There’s a simple tactic for good attacking rugby: disorganise an organised defence. A defence is organised... MORE

Quick ball placement

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Quick ball placement allows for quick rucks and chances to attack when the defence is at its most vulnerable. Use this activity to build up the essential skills. MORE

How to coach inside and outside clean 1

Inside and outside clean

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Protect your rucks by covering against the “inside” defender in the tackle contest. Have a player who works on the “inside clean” to drive this potential stealer of the ball and the “outside clean” to check the even more savvy defender. MORE

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