Let’s have a ball

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This great fun way to introduce the right body positions to drive in rucks encourages the correct use of shoulders and best placement of arms and hips.

Why use it

To develop young players’ confidence in ruck contact and ingrain effective body shapes.

Set up

A 10m square, a Swiss/ exercise ball. Play 3v3 (see picture 1).

Let's have a ball

How to do it

Players aim to score by propelling the ball over their opponents’ goal line. The ball may only be propelled by a shoulder. Kicking or handling the ball is not permitted (see picture 2).

If the ball enters touch the team that did not touch it last restarts from the sideline. Begin and restart after a score by placing the ball in the centre with both teams standing on their own goal line. Call “play” and teams race to play the ball.

Competing for possession can be done by attempting to propel the ball with the shoulder at any time (see picture 3).

This game removes body-to- body contact and forces players to adopt efficient body positions to best move the ball forward.


  • Bend the knees
  • Sink the hips
  • Eyes on the contact area
  • Chin off chest
  • Shoulders “shrugged”
  • Head to one side
  • Make contact with the shoulder
  • Look forward in contact
  • Wrap an arm very loosely around the ball as contact is made.

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