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How to improve continuous rucking skills 3

Ruck, pass, ruck

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Sometimes it's possible to wear down the opposition with constant pressure. You use multiple rucks until a gap opens. At the top level, this can last beyond 10 rucks and sometimes over 20. It is unlikely that your team will have as many consecutive rucks but you can replicate constant ruck, pass, ruck situations with this session. MORE

How to develop rucking and communicating 2

Your best friend is a ruck buddy

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Retain more possession in the tackle contest to generate more quick ball. Make the nearest support player to the ball carrier get closer and make better decisions. This works well in close quarters where there are lots of defenders. Use this session to improve awareness and communication skills. MORE

Scan the spoiler

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At the breakdown, many defensive teams concentrate a great deal of effort on scanning then spoiling the tackle area before the attacking half-back gets his hands on the ball. Top-tier New Zealand sides use a simple but very effective method of sealing the tackle ball and giving their 9 a line of defence from the would-be spoilers. MORE

Conquer the maul

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A maul is formed of at least two attackers, held by a defender, with the ball off the ground. It’s a wrestling match that comes with a risk and reward for the attacking team – go forward and tie in defenders, or be stopped and lose the ball to a scrum. MORE

Rucking good fun

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Get serious about winning games by working on active and successul rucks to recycle good ball to attack with - but use fun activites to practise these skills. MORE

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