Rucking & Mauling

How to support in contact 2

Seek, speak and support

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The role of the second player arriving at contact is crucial. It involves one of the trickiest, yet frequent, decision-making situations in the game. To help make the right decision and to keep momentum going forward, players must communicate. MORE

How to improve the rucking technique 1

Can’t ruck, won’t ruck

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All your players have to be able to clear away defenders at the breakdown. Though you won’t want your 9 or 10 to do too much of this work, they may be the first ones there. This session forces players to learn and creates confidence to ruck more. MORE

Heads up: Win all your rucks

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Winning the space over the ball after the tackle can be the difference between quick and slow ball. If a player gets his head over and beyond the ball-and remains on his feet - it is likely his team will gain possession. This session works on the technique needed to do this and stay on the feet. MORE

Go through the gate

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Make sure your players enter the breakdown legally – by getting tough through the tackle gate. This will also mean they’ll arrive square and in a better position to drive over the ball and win it. MORE

John Mitchell on creating quicker ruck ball

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It is not the “clean” but the ball placement, and what goes before, that is the most important skill to work on in the ruck. Accuracy before and into the contact area and great execution are more important than “emotional” rucking. FOCUS Excellent ball placement comes from ball freedom. The supporting players must know their... MORE

How to coach rucking and beyond 3

Rucking and beyond

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Players need to focus on roles beyond their specific job such as what to do once a ruck is won or lost. This session teaches them to be in the right place to respond rapidly to improve continuity of possession and defensive systems. MORE

Win more rucks with fewer numbers

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Good decision-making is crucial if you’re to secure your ball without committing too many players – or know whether to compete when defending. There are key two ruck decisions to make: numbers and style of rucking. How do players know whether to commit to the ruck or not? MORE

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