Ruck essentials to create quick ball

It’s easy for some coaches to say that rucks are “failures” and that you don’t need to coach them if your players avoid contact. They will still happen and, depending on the skills of the opposing defence, more often in some matches than others.

You need to spend time each week working on your players’ techniques and decision-making around the contact area, and not just with the forwards. Here are some interesting, challenging and essential ruck training sessions to improve your team’s work rate and accuracy at ruck time.

For the youngest players, or for players who need to go back to basics, start with the principle of Winning space over the ball. Taken from our Skills Curriculum, this activity replicates the post-tackle situation where the nearest supporting player needs to be in a strong low position to win the ruck.

Next, look at how a grassroots coach successfully intermingled games from our website into creating more effective rucks for his girls’ team. In his Session from games to rucks, Lloyd Hankins mixes up development and enjoyment for more effective outcomes for his players.

For a focused pure rucking session try out Coaching your rugby players in winning quick rucks. It starts with an innovative way to use ruck pads and then develops into a more physical game-related situation.

Finally, try our Six tips to winning quick ruck ball, which highlights some of the tried-and-tested ways to produce clean ball at the contact area.

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