Return to play: Social distancing session part two

Here is another 20 minute session which can be run with five players and one coach, all keeping 2m distance apart. It has element of competition and pressure to put skills under pressure.

We’ve kept it simple. You don’t want to have players standing around listening to lots of instructions. Plus, you want to keep it simple for your co-coaches, who may not be that experienced.

Warm up5 minutes
Races6 minutes
Game5 minutes
Game developments4 minutes


  1. In a 25m box, mark out six triangles of three different coloured cones in each, about 3m apart (adjust for different ages/levels).
  2. The area is for five players and one coach. If you have lots of players, then you have a number of playing areas. The “coach” is simply there to act as a referee.
  3. Warm up with Activate exercises, for example: Pogo jumps or Ski Jumps.


  1. Have a player lying just outside each triangle. They face the way they will run.
  2. Call out a colour. The player leaps to their feet and then runs over each coloured cone in each triangle before returning to their triangle to lie down.
  3. They then move one triangle on, before you start the race again.
  4. After one round, randomise the starting position. For example, on their backs, start with a forward roll.
  5. Add in elements like the players have to jump so two feet land either side of the designated cone, or the player has to carry a ball. Touching the cone with the hand isn’t encouraged.
  6. For slower players, they can start further into their own triangle or beyond. Better players can carry two balls, or even three.


  1. Split into two teams. The coach makes up the catcher for the second group.
  2. Have two players from each team lying down at the edge of each triangle as above, so they are facing towards each other. The coach and the extra player will be the catchers.
  3. Put a ball in the far triangle for each team (the right hand triangle in the picture above
  4. When you say go, the players get to their feet and pass the ball to the catcher.
  5. Rotate players (not the coach!)


Call a colour, and the players on the ground have to jump over that coloured cone before passing the ball.

The middle player can only catch and pass the ball standing on one foot.

The middle player has to touch the coloured cone with the ball before passing (replicating a pass from the base of a ruck).

The middle player has one ball already and has to receive the pass while holding that ball, and then pass both balls, one after the other to the catcher.

For more ideas if you have parents at the session and they want to work on specific skills:

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