Realign to win the gain line

Once you’ve gone to the tackle line with your attack and have won quick ball, you need to be in shape to attack again quickly. Use this low-impact exercise to realign quickly and efficiently.

By using this drill in a smaller area than you’d normally have on the pitch, players become accustomed to the different plays you use when attacking with quick ball.

  1. Put four attackers on the middle line (10m into the box), facing three ruck-pad holders and a further ruck-pad holder at the back of the box.
  2. When you say “go”, the attackers realign and you indicate to the pad holders on the middle line whether they should be spread or narrow.

  1. Once in position, a feeder passes to the first receiver and the attackers use a play to get through the ruck pads.
  2. They finish by beating the last pad holder, who advances once the attackers are over the middle line.

  1. The ruck-pad holders don’t offer much resistance, just a nudge to ensure attackers change their lines of running.
  2. They mustn’t move forward from the middle line.
  3. Get players to work from both sides and keep swapping in groups of attackers.


  • Have more than one option from each play
  • Keep connected throughout the play so that when the line break is made, there are lots of supporting options
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