Quick hands to the wing

Work on timing the run onto the ball and whether the ball carrier needs to step inside the covering defender. This session develops attacking with a flat alignment – with pace at the end of the line.

Playing flat forces defenders to stay “honest”. If they head straight for the wing, the ball carrier in midfield can step in.

  1. Line up four attackers behind each end of the box, with a feeder for each line.
  2. The feeder passes to the first player and the attackers pass along the line.
  3. They should delay their run onto the ball, like dominoes falling.
  4. Meanwhile, the feeder becomes a defender and chases the ball across the box.
  5. He must stay inside it at all times, and in front of the red cones.
  6. The attackers cannot enter the box.
  7. The last man should hit the flat last pass at full speed.

  1. The defender aims to touch him before he passes to the next feeder.

  1. To develop, add full-contact defending and support play in the speed channel.
  2. Three defenders now work across in a line after the feed.
  3. Allow the passers to attack space and/or weak shoulders through the box if the defence isn’t together.


  • Ball in front of the receiver.
  • Keep the hands up.
  • Talk to the passer – let him know where you are.
  • Delay your run – don’t cross the cone line.
  • Run straight, don’t drift.
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