Positive framing is the way forward to 2021

Make a negative into a positive. For example, “I need to see everyone’s eyes on me” is better than “Some of us aren’t paying attention”.

Immediately we are focusing on doing something well. We are avoiding “not”, “don’t” and “stop”. Instead, we are firmly stating where we want to go.

That’s why I’m thinking forward to 2021. Framing it positively, I’m looking to do more good actions. I’m not going to look back on went wrong or why it went wrong. I am not going to say: “Stop doing that”.

Hence, I have made myself four positive statements for 2021.

  1. Be more accurate in my language.
  2. Learn more about the group I am working with.
  3. Go that bit further in everything I’m concentrating on.
  4. Appreciate any moment spent on the training field.

Each one of these needs an action or actions.

Here are some examples of actions I will take for each statement:

Language: use phrases that are clearly understood by the group I’m working with.

Knowing the group: catch up with individuals during “downtime”.

Go that bit further: I could say, “don’t look at my phone after doing some work”, but it is a positive frame. So it is, can I make this shine a bit more. For this post I am writing now, I will read it back a fourth time if I had read it three times.

On the training field: take a breath, close my eyes and smile as I open them.

Happy new year to everyone.

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