Passing session builder

In the passing session builder we work in threes, increasing the movement of the players until they are passing under pressure in game-like situations.

1. Post reactions

Three players stand around a post. One player throws the ball at the post above hip height. As the ball rebounds off the post, they get two points if they re-catch the ball. If another player catches the ball, they get one point. If there’s no catch, rotate the ball clockwise.

2. One hand pass and catch

A player starts with two balls. They jog through two players (offset), passing one ball with one hand to one player and then the other with the other hand to the second player. The players swap around and repeat.

Develop by the player running through and catching with one hand one ball and then the other hand the next ball.

3. Cross the box

Two attackers aim to complete three passes. Each pass must pass over the box, but cannot be passed at higher than head height. The defender aims to block the pass. Each pass must start outside the box and finish outside the box.

4. Chase the base

Two attackers start at one corner with a defender at least 2m behind (adjust accordingly). One attacker races to one of the corners and passes the ball to their team mate. The team mate aims to take the pass and cross the same line as the ball. The defender aims to intercept or touch the ball carrier before they score.

5. 3v2v1

Three attackers aim to score at the far end. Two defenders can come into the box while one can only remain on the far edge. Swap if there’s an attacking infringement or the defenders touch the ball carrier in possession.

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