U9 & U10 Handling: Draw to score

Get your players used to drawing the defender and passing to the player in support and put handling into a decision-making practice.

Draw to score

1. Set out a 15m x 5m area with two sets of three coloured cones, spaced 2m apart, along one of the long sides.

2. Put an attacker with a ball and a defender at the side of the area, each opposite one of the sets of coloured cones. Put another attacker on the other side of the area on the corner cone.

3. Shout out a colour – in this case “red”. The ball-carrying attacker and the defender have to each run round their red cone and into the area. The second attacker also runs into the area to support his team mate.

4. The attackers aim to get to the far end of the area to score. The defender aims to touch whoever is in possession of the ball – if he makes the touch, the defender wins the game.

5. Change players round so that they all have a go in each position.

This activity is from EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities U9-U10, for more information on other EasiCoach manuals click here.

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