U11-U16 Catching the high ball

Get your players used to getting into the “T” shape and making a cradle when catching a high ball.

Catching the high ball

1. Divide players into groups of three and give each group a ball. Tell each group to get into a 15m triangle and kick the ball high to each other in rotation.

2. Once players are comfortable kicking and catching, extend the distance and height of kick to 25m: One player kicks, one chases and one receives. The chaser causes a distraction but no contact is to be made.

3. Finally play 2v2, expand the distance for the aerial kick with kickers on the halfway line and receivers behind the 22m line. The receiver is defined by where the kick is directed to and the chaser is encouraged to challenge for the ball. The two receivers must communicate who is challenging to receive and who is supporting.

This activity is from EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities U11-U12 & U13-U16. If you’re looking to train young players and improve basic skills, then I really recommend you check out EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities.

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