The easiest 3v2 drill ever

U13–U16 | HANDLING 6

Get players practising their passing, running lines and communication skills in this simple activity

  1. Five players run forward and pass the ball. You, as the coach, stand nearly opposite the last player.
  2. Once the ball reaches the last player, he runs towards you and pops you the ball.

The easiest 3v2 drill ever 1

  1. The last player and the previous passer run around you and line up to defend.
  2. The first three players realign and become attackers, ready to receive the ball from you and launch a 3v2.


The easiest 3v2 drill ever 2

  1. Playing touch rugby, the attackers use their running, fixing and passing skills, plus offload passing, to beat the players in front of them.
  2. Work both left and right, mixing up the players.

The easiest 3v2 drill ever 3

You will need

  • 1 ball

Got more players?

You can also play with 4v2, 4v3 or similar combinations.

What to tell your players

“Attack the defence at pace ”
“Move the ball from one to two to one hand to engage a defender from a distance”

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