Step and pass


Get players used to passing off either foot – first from standing and then on the move

  1. A ball carrier stands with his feet on a line, with another player about 3m away.

Step and pass 1

  1. The ball carrier takes one step 1 forward and passes off his inside foot.

  1. He then tries passing off his outside foot.
  2. Repeat three times then have the players swap roles. Continue by having the players swap sides and then increase the distance between the players.

Step and pass-2

  1. Develop the activity by introducing movement and support: Set out a 3m square area. Name the cones on one side A and B. The other side is a gate.
  2. Position a feeder with a ball on the ground to the side of the area. Place a receiver between cones A and B and a support player 3m outside him.
  3. You call out a letter – in this case “A” – and the receiver first moves to that cone and then runs into the area to receive a pass from the feeder who passes the ball from the ground.
  4. The receiver runs on through the gate and passes to the support player who takes the ball at pace.

Step and pass 4

You will need

  • 1 ball per pair
  • Cones
  • A 3m square area for the development game

Got more players?

Get as many pairs as possible practising the drill simultaneously.

What to tell your players

“Turn your hips to the receiver as you pass”
“Follow your hands through to the target”

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