Spinning a miss pass

U11–U12 | HANDLING 4

Get your players perfecting the spin pass then using it for long miss passes

  1. Start by putting your players into pairs and getting them practising their spin passes. To do this, they put one hand on the ball, put the ball on the hip and then pass the ball 5m to a partner. First they do this with either hand. Then they do it with both hands on the ball.
  2. When the players are comfortable spinning the ball off either hand, move on to the activity.

Making a spin pass

  1. Set out a 20m square area. Put three receivers on one side with 5m between them. Put three cones in the middle of the area – one in front of each receiver. Place a feeder on the right side of the area, about 5m along.
  2. When you say “go”, all receivers run forward. The feeder passes to the first receiver who runs on to the cone in front of him and throws a hard, spinning miss pass in front of the second receiver to the third receiver (the miss pass is so called because it misses out one or more players in the line).
  3. The third receiver has to make a decision to go either left or right of the cone, so he has to ensure he hits the ball at full pace and at an angle that will take him to the side of the cone he has chosen. He should then sprint to the far side of the area.

Spinning a miss pass

You will need

  • A 20m square
  • 1 ball per pair
  • Cones

Got more players?

Get players practising their spin passing while others run through the miss pass activity.

What to tell your players

“Roll the ball out of the hand”
“Finish the pass with the palm up and the ball touching your little finger last”

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