Run straight, pass blind

Get the ball carrier running straight to engage the defender by making him pass without looking. It will test the skills of both passer and supporting player, and help stop your attack crabbing across.

Though we normally want the passer to look at the receiver, this can mean he runs sideways or doesn’t look to fix his defender. Have him face forward and pass on the call to isolate the skill.

  1. Put three attackers at one end of the box, with gates of cones in front of them to guide them when to pass.

  1. Have them run forward, with the ball carrier passing when he reaches the box in front of him, reacting to the call from the supporting player.
  2. That receiver then repeats this in the next box.
  3. When through, the players turn and repeat. In all cases, the ball carrier can only look forward – not to his side. Warning: the ball will be dropped! But ask the players what they could do to improve (see technique section below).

  1. Develop by putting two defenders in the boxes to act as targets to fix before passing.
  2. Initially, just have them standing still.
  3. If the players progress well, allow them to come forward.


  1. Pass softly, but with the hands following through to the potential target
  2. Call for the ball.
  3. Hands out towards the pass.
  4. Run straight.
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