Rugby drill to work on quick fire handling skills

The "fast-slow-fast" rugby coaching drill creates a competitive atmosphere, with players looking for unusual passing solutions.

Rugby drill set up

  • Players: 4 v 4.
  • Area: 10m square split into four equal boxes.
  • Equipment: One ball.

Rugby drill session to get fast slow fast rugby handling

Rugby drill coaching tips

  • Start in any box, with the first ball carrier getting two seconds to run and pass before his marker can move.
  • Allow touch tackling only to begin with.
  • Dropped or intercepted balls, failure to release the ball in three seconds if touched, or running out of the area leads to a restart for the other team.

How to score in this drill

1 point for five consecutive passes.

What to call out in the drill

  • "Use short sharp changes in direction."
  • "Pass into spaces for the receiver to run on to."
  • "Anticipate where to pass the ball before you receive it."

Key rugby coaching tips

  • Players will find that looped or lobbed passes will be easily intercepted. Firm passing is essential.
  • The use of non-verbal communication helps. The players should consider using their hands to show which direction they are going to go.
  • "Fast, slow, fast" should be the mantra for players looking to lose their markers.

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