Rapid line of fire

Progressing “End Of The Line” (page 15), this game pushes players to their individual limits against the clock while also working on teamwork, passing accuracy and communication skills.


A 30m x 10m area with cones at regular intervals along the full length – for example, a cone every metre. One ball between five players who wait outside the area, facing the line of cones. You have numbered the players 1 to 3 to signify the number of cones you feel they can pass (picture 1).

  • A developing player is a 1
  • A good player is a 2
  • A really good passer is a 3.

The rules

On your call of “Go!”, players line up on the first cones, making sure they all face in the same direction to ensure lateral passes.

The first player passes the ball along the line as many cones as his given number and calls his number as he passes (picture 2). He then runs to the next free cone to await his next pass and the game continues.

If a number 3 player receives the ball and there is no-one standing three cones away, he must pass to the last player in the line.

The ball carries on down the line until the end is reached (picture 3).


  • Play groups against each other in a race.
  • The team that reaches the end cone first wins.

Tell them

“Accurate pass/correct weight.”

“Clear communication when passing and receiving.”

Coaching tips

This game challenges players individually by putting them under equal levels of pressure based on ability while enhancing teamwork.


Rapid line of fire-1 Rapid line of fire-2 Rapid line of fire-3

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