Passing off the last two fingers

Mastering this exercise will help players gain ultimate control of their pass. The key is to roll the ball off the hand so that the little finger and ring finger are the last two points of contact.

By getting used to stepping and passing, and flicking the hand through at the end, players will build up the core skill of passing. They will also learn to do so from both sides.


  1. Stand two players facing each other 5m apart.
  2. One player loads the ball on his hip with one hand gripping the ball.
  3. He steps forward on the same side as the ball and pushes the ball through to his partner, flicking his fingers at the end.
  4. After working off one hand, they move to the other hand.

  1. Then they repeat but standing facing up the pitch.
  2. The ball carrier puts the ball on his far hip and steps forward to pass off his far leg.

  1. Finally, in a group of four, the players work in rotating fashion, with one player moving forward, passing back and then joining the other queue of players.
  2. This works the players’ movement and their passing off both sides.


  • Pass off the hip
  • Follow the hand through to the target
  • Finish with the palm facing up to prevent over-rotation of the shoulders
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