Passing decision-making at pace

Go from simple skills to decision-making in 15 minutes with this challenging, fast-paced session. It will encourage intelligent failure.

It’s a common game scenario (an overlap) that’s great for basic skills and conditioning.

Practice one (2 minutes)

  1. Lines of six players pass down the line while running at full speed.

Practice two (4 minutes)

  1. 3 v 2, completed three times.
  2. Put three groups of two defenders at 5m intervals inside a 15m channel.
  3. Stagger the defenders, with the first group on the touchline, the second group in the middle and the third group 5m inside the 15m line.
  4. Defenders use touch tackling and can only move sideways.

Game one (4 minutes)

  1. 6 v 6 inside half a pitch.
  2. Start in the middle.
  3. The team with the ball aims to score within four touch tackles.
  4. No kicking or offloading.
  5. When a defender makes a touch, he kneels and is out the game until the end of that attack.
  6. The touched carrier is then scrum half.
  7. If the attack scores, or fails to score before the fourth tackle, it’s turnover ball.
  8. You decide where play restarts on halfway or try line.

Game two (4 minutes)

  1. To develop, the side with the ball must kick to score after the third tackle.
  2. That is, they grubber or chip for a chaser.


  • Attack space in front of you.
  • Extend arms towards ball.
  • 10 points of contact on ball.
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