Passing and handling rugby drill for 5 to 8 year olds

Set up fast hands passing and handling drill

  • Area: 5m x 5m square.
  • Equipment: 1 ball.
  • Players: 12 to 24, with 3 to 6 players at each corner of the square.

Run fast hands passing drill

  • Divide the players into four equal groups and set up each group on one of the corners of the playing area. Give one of the players a ball to start the game.
  • The players must pass the ball counter clockwise around the playing area, from one corner to the next. Once a player has passed the ball, they follow it to join the back of the group they have thrown to.
  • If the players are finding this drill too easy, add a second ball. You can also make this rugby drill more of a challenge by asking each passer not to join the next group, but the group after that (the second group round).
  • If successful, each passer can miss two groups to run round to the third group. Next, ask each passer to try to run round back to their original group.

Rugby drill to help 5 to 8 year olds develop their passing skills

What to call out in this rugby drill

  • “Hold the ball in two hands.”
  • “Keep your head up to see what’s going on.”
  • “Swing the ball across your body.”
  • “Make it easy to catch your pass.”
  • “Receiver: hold your hands up as a target.”

Key rugby coaching tips

Have the players also pass the ball clockwise round the square, so they practise passing to the left and right.

More ways to improve passing

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