Pass and realign

U13–U16 | HANDLING 1

Get your players passing correctly then realigning and following their final pass

  1. Set out a 15m x 5m channel. Put five players in a line along one side of the channel, standing about 3m apart. Put two lines of five players (one in front of the other) on the opposite side. Give a ball to the first player in the front line on one side.
  2. When you say “go”, the first player runs out and passes to the next player in the line. The players pass down the line to the end player. Players delay their start until after the man next to them has started.

Pass and realign 1

  1. Each player in the line must sprint on to the ball then decelerate and pull the pass back in front of the next receiver.
  2. All passes must be made within the 5m channel. When the last player in the line has crossed the channel, he hands the ball on to the next group which repeats coming back across the channel.

Pass and realign 2

  1. Develop by using a 15m square area divided into three 5m channels. Players start as before, with the first set of passes completed before the first 5m line.
  2. The players then stop and realign, then pass back along the line before reaching the second 5m line. After the final pass, the ball carrier sprints to the last 5m line and the other players funnel in behind him. He gives the ball to the end player on the opposite side and the drill is repeated.

Pass and realign 3

You will need

  • A 15m x 5m channel, then a 15m square area divided into three 5m channels
  • 1 ball
  • Cones

Got more players?

You can add more lines of five players.

What to tell your players

“Keep the ball at chest height, but keep it off your chest”
“Reach for the ball – fingers forward and up”
“Follow through in the direction of the pass”

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