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How to improve catching and passing skills 1

Catch and pass skills

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Most passing exercises line up players neatly so they know exactly where their support players will be, but that often isn’t the case in a match. In this session, players have to pass and catch under pressure, time their runs and be aware of where team mates are. MORE

Run straight, pass blind

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Get the ball carrier running straight to engage the defender by making him pass without looking. It will test the skills of both passer and supporting player, and help stop your attack crabbing across. Though we normally want the passer to look at the receiver, this can mean he runs sideways or doesn’t look to... MORE

How to promote loops to create an extra man in attack 2

Loop to create the extra man

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The loop pulls in defenders and creates space for your runners. The passer follows the pass he has just made then gets it back on the outside of the receiver, creating an extra player in attack. It can be used in isolation or as part of a set piece move. MORE

VIDEO: Pressure offloads

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Increase the pressure on your players’ skills to offload the ball out of the tackle. This activity is an ideal development of Simple offloads.   Put two defenders at each side of a 8m box. Put three attackers at the front of the box. One attacker passes the ball to the middle player, who runs... MORE

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