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Bank the pass

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Dropped passes are often the result of pressure being put on the receiver. Simulate this pressure in training to encourage better technique and concentration in the match. I use this session to teach my players to keep their hands out to catch early and yet still look ahead. MORE

How to develop the switch pass 3

Cut to the chase

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Switch passes - also known as “cuts” - should be a natural part of the passing armoury. This session uses a simple exercise that can be set up with lots of stations. Players will learn that timing and angles are as important as the pass itself. MORE

How to coach gathering the ball off the ground 2

Go to ground and gather

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The ball spends more time on the ground in matches than we allocate time for in training. Dropped passes or aimless kicks are frequent so all your players need to be ready to drop on a ball on the ground, gather it and get back up. MORE

How to pass in close quarters 2

Close-quarter passing

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Performing quick passes in a small space improves players’ continuity and support skills. This session forces players to attack from different angles while using sharp passing. Changing direction in attack and good communication are also essential. MORE

Cool hands no fluke

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Developing catching skills needs to be converted into a game context as soon as possible. This session will help the players take tough and unusual passes, and then turn them into good possession. It is a fresh way to mix up your handling training. MORE

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