Miss passing for dummies

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The miss passer has to engage his defender before passing and then follow his line through to get into the defence. Here’s how to teach this skill from the very beginning.

Why use it

Works on the core skills of making the pass and then the running line of the miss passer after he has made the pass.

Set up

A 15m x 10m box, a ball.

Miss passing for dummies

How to do it

A feeder (F) makes a short pass to the miss passer, who runs forward, engages his defender before passing either long or short depending on where the second defender goes. Two support players run a short and wide line. They start level with each other (see picture 1).

The first defender starts inside the miss passer and pressurises him. The outside defender comes up hard on either the first or second receiver (see picture 2). Once the miss passer has delivered the pass, he needs to follow his line of run through and try to get an inside pass from the missed player.


  • Pass with a small wind-up and without planting the feet
  • Start with hips square – facing up the pitch (see picture 3) – and finish with hips turned towards the receiver.
  • The power comes from the core of the body.
  • The passer does not fall away with the pass.

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