Making the extra man

U11–U12 | HANDLING 6

Get players creating an extra player in attack by the passer looping behind the receiver to be an option to pass

  1. Set up a line of three cones – the second cone 3m in front of the first and the third 5m in front of the second and slightly offset to the left. Repeat with two more identical lines 3m apart to form two channels.
  2. Place an attacker at the start of each channel. Put a feeder to the right of the first receiver.
  3. When you say “go”, the two attackers run forward through their channels and the feeder passes the ball to the first attacker.


Making the extra man 1

  1. Once the first attacker has reached the second cone, he passes the ball to the second attacker.
  2. The second attacker then angles his run inside to the first channel and then passes at the end of that channel to the first attacker who has run outside him into the second channel.

Making the extra man 2

  1. Develop by putting two defenders 5m away from the ends of the channels. They walk/run forward to pressurise the attackers as they advance through the channels.

Making the extra man 3

You will need

  • Two 8m x 3m channels
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • Bibs (for development)

Got more players?

Line players up to run through the channels, or add other pairs of channels alongside

What to tell your players

“Run straight before you pass, then loop behind”
“Turn the shoulders to pass”
“Call for the ball”

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