Kriss kross karnage

Too often young players run out of space when carrying the ball and end up in touch. This game introduces them to a switch pass in a simple way and shows how it opens up play.


Cones A, B, C and D form a 10m square. A player on cone A holds a ball and a player waits on cone B (picture 1).

The rules

On your call of “Go!” the player on cone A runs towards cone C. At the same time, the player on cone B runs towards cone D. When player A reaches the middle of the square, he pops a pass to player B who calls for it (picture 2).

When both players have reached their destination cones they turn and go back in the opposite direction. Now the player on cone D has the ball and pops it to the cone C runner who calls for it (picture 3).

Play pairs against each other in a knockout format to find the fastest kriss krossers. Progress by having the ball carrier run at the cone in front then going diagonal to add game realism.


  • First race against the clock to find the pair who can do the most successful pops in one minute.
  • Race teams against each other in a knockout format to find the fastest pair.

Tell them

“Loud, effective calls.”
“Run behind the ball carrier to prevent forward or rushed pop passes.”

Coaching tips

This gets players not only used to making support runs but also making passes to support players and opening up space.


Kriss kross karnage 1 Kriss kross karnage 2 Kriss kross karnage 3

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