How to fix and support

Good timing and running angles are required to convert 2 v 1s. Here, ball carriers must fix a defender and pass, and support players must choose the best line and time their run to receive that pass.

It provides different scenarios in which to test a carrier’s fixing of a defender, and the timing of a support run.

  1. Put a ball carrier and a defender at the side of the box, each opposite a set of three coloured cones.
  2. Put a support player on the other side at the corner. Shout out a colour, and the ball carrier and defender have to run around that cone and into the box.

  1. The carrier aims to fix the defender and pass to the support player.
  2. The defender aims to touch either attacker, depending on who’s in possession.
  3. Depending on the colour called, the advantage lies with either the ball carrier or defender, or, if “blue” is called, there’ll be an equal contest.

Red cone – attacker under pressure

Green cone – defender under pressure

Blue cone – no advantage to either player

  1. Develop by putting two attackers at one end of a 10m square and a defender opposite.
  2. One of the attackers carries a ball.
  3. Shout out a colour, and the carrier runs around that cone and aims to score at the far end.
  4. The other attacker goes around the other cone before supporting.
  5. The defender runs forward on your signal.
  6. Use touch tackling.


  • Ball in two hands.
  • Run hard at the defender.
  • Attack his inside shoulder.
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