Catching skills rugby drill

Set up the rugby coaching session

  • In a five-metre box, have one attacker and one defender.
  • To begin with, you feed the ball. The defender moves forward to tackle when the attacker moves.
  • The attacker must focus on the pass and not the defender.
  • Start with the pass going slightly deeper to give the catcher more time and less pressure.
  • As the players develop, make the pass flatter, increasing the pressure and catching skills needed.

Rugby coaching session to develop players' catching skills

Develop the rugby drill skills

  • Add another attacker so that the catcher under pressure has the option of passing.
  • Add a second defender and make it a 2 v 2 pressure rugby drill.
  • Vary the way the ball is delivered to the catcher. High passes, low passes, ball rolled along the ground or ball chipped up in the air.
  • Change the starting point for the defender to create different problems for the catcher.

Put the rugby drill skills into a game situation

  • Set up a pitch which is wide and short in length.
  • This will ensure the players on both the attack and defence get flat and create a lot of pressure on each other.
  • Condition the game so it’s similar to rugby league at the contact point with each team getting six tackles before change over.
  • Also ask the attacking team to try and get two passes in before contact.
  • As rugby coach, control the defence to ensure the pressure from them is not overdone and the catching skills from the attacking team improve under pressure.

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