Angling for the next pass


Get your support players used to running different angles to take the pass from the ball carrier

  1. Set out a starting line of four cones, each cone 3m from the next. Add another similar line 3m ahead and then add a final line another 7m ahead, but this time use different coloured cones.
  2. Put a ball carrier on a cone at the end of the starting line and a support player on one of the other cones on the same line.
  3. When you call out a colour, here “yellow”, the ball carrier runs to the cone 3m in front of him and then on towards the cone of that colour. As he starts running, you call out another colour, here “green” and the support player runs 3m and on towards that cone.
  4. As the two players are running, the ball carrier must pass to the support player. It’s up to him to make the pass at the appropriate time.

Angling for the next pass 1

  1. Develop by having two support players, one turning to run inside and the other outside (or both inside) the ball carrier.
  2. Further develop by adding one or two defenders who start 5m outside the box.

Angling for the next pass 2

You will need

  • A 12m x 10m area
  • 1 ball
  • Coloured cones

Got more players?

You can line up players ready to take their turn, or set up other areas alongside.

What to tell your players

“Carry the ball in two hands”
“Turn the shoulders towards the receiver”
“Pass FOR the receiver not TO the receiver”

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