5 Minute Game

In this game, you are looking for your players to demonstrate their ability to make ground and hold possession using the core skills of rugby, while eliminating mistakes from their play.

What you need for this game

  • 18+ Players (at least 9-a-side)
  • 1 Balls
  • 14 Cones


Use cones to mark out a playing area measuring 60m x 40m. Use more cones to mark lines every 10m, and use both ends as try lines, as shown.


This game should be played to regular two-handed touch rugby rules.

What you do as coach

Divide your players into two teams of nine. Nominate a team to begin as attackers and give them the ball.

On your whistle, the attackers start with a tap from their own try line and restart there after every mistake or try. One team has possession and attacks continuously for 5 minutes.

When tackled (two-handed touch), the attacking ball carrier must drop down on to his stomach and then get back up before restarting play by rolling the ball through his legs, at which point the defending team must move back 10m.

The objective is to score the most points in 5 minutes – 1 point is awarded every time the ball is advanced 10m or when six tackles are made without error. 5 points are awarded for a try.

Every error sees 1 point deducted. The attackers can kick but lose 1 point if they don’t regain possession or score.

5 Minute Game

  • 9-a-side.
  • Start with tap from own line.
  • Play for 5 minutes.
  • Drop to floor when tackled.
  • 1 point per 10m gained or six tackles.
  • 5 points for try.

Outline: Before the game begins, let the attackers know that they must utilise existing space and also create space to play the game effectively.

Call out: Attackers must commit defenders using speed and angle of run to create openings for supporting team mates. Call out to remind them.

Observe: The key for the defence is to stop the attackers advancing, so they need good line speed and realignment. Do they show this?


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